Chapter 7

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  These studies guides are designed for you to print and study at your leisure.  Learning about the special truths of God's word as they apply specifically to the widow will be an encouragement to your heart.  Please feel free to share them with others and maybe they will be a tool for you to use in small groups as well.

   This study on believing God vs. Believing in God is an extension of the study in Chapter 4 

on Relationship with Christ using different Biblical applications.

    If you click on the topic you want from the index below it will take you directly to that section.


Study on Believing God vs. Believing in God
































Widow for a Season Studies

Study on Believing God vs. Believing in God

Text for study:

Genesis 12:10-20 How do you think Sarah prayed?

Genesis 15:1-6 The promise

Genesis 16:1-6

Genesis 18:9-15

Genesis 20:1-21:2


The one great grief of Abraham and Sarah was that through their long life together they had no children.  To a Hebrew woman, barrenness was looked upon as a gnawing grief, and sometimes regarded as a sign of divine disfavor.


Genesis 21:6-7; name Isaac means "laughter"

Psalms 127:3



Life Application:


Sarah was a woman who trusted God beyond her  

    husband or her circumstances

Sarah was 90 years old when she had Isaac -- a long 

    time to wait for a reward that resulted from trust


Matthew 13:54-58

Mark 5:25-34

Mark 9:17-29

Mark 10:46-52

Luke 7:2-10


What questions can we ask:


1.  If the answer to what we asked of Christ depended on our faith, how much of what we asked for would we receive?  What mental exercise do you perform to assist yourself in believing God?  Look at 2 Corinthians 10:3-5


2.  Trusting Christ is the result of experience with God and hearing God's Word.  Share some specific things you have trusted God with and tell how He was faithful.


3.  Read James 1:6-7.  If we do not pray without doubt, are we believing God or just believing in Him?  How does 1 John 5:14-15 help with this?  How do we know what God's will is?