Chapter 6

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Widow for a Season: Finding Your Identity in Christ

Chapter Six: Where is God?


   To misunderstand the role of suffering and death in Godís greater plan can create anger and bitterness that build a wall between the widow and the God of her provision.  In this chapter we will attempt to get into the mind of God and His perspective through scripture so that the widow can receive these experiences with understanding. 


Chapter Six - Where is God?


     The subjects of death and suffering are sobering. Most of us prefer to spend time planning and thinking about living, not dying. We become caught up in daily life as if we will be here forever and often become greedy and lustful for the temporary things this life has to offer. Consequently, our spiritual life may seem gray compared to the brilliant but quickly fading colors of the world around us. Furthermore, we develop a false sense of control.  Because we have forgotten lifeís temporary nature we are startled when God calls a loved one into eternity.  We should be well prepared for this inevitable event, but even though death and suffering are very much a part of Godís plan, few are ready.

     So what are we to do when the reality of death becomes our reality?  What eternal perspective should we embrace?  First of all, it is important to allow time to mourn and grieve the loss of a spouse; it is healthy to do so. There may be days for the rest of our lives that will bring tears that cannot be dried, but we mustnít allow our grief to destroy us or to become an unquenchable bitterness. The Lord wants to use us in His kingdom work. If we allow ourselves to become mired in our grief, we will be useless in the task for which these experiences were intended to equip us. Satan would like for us to respond to our situation as if God had assaulted us personally. Death and suffering will always bring pain, but if we can learn how to accept them by assuming an eternal point of view, they will not defeat us. It all depends on how we choose to respond to our experience.

     As always, if we are to gain an understanding of Godís perspective, we must go to His Word. We cannot gain the reality of who God is from our imagination, what we have heard about Him, or what we wish Him to be. When someone says, ďThe God I know would never let something like this happen,Ē it suggests they do not really know God. What the Scriptures say about suffering and death comes from a very different perspective. Let us review some of the passages that present Godís viewpoint. There is a great difference between Godís allowing an event to happen and His causing the event.