Chapter 11

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Widow for a Season: Finding Your Identity in Christ

Chapter Eleven: Conclusion


   The first part of chapter eleven is a recap of the major themes in Widow for a Season: Finding Your Identity in Christ.  The second section of the chapter turns to a discussion about the Hebrew word for widow, almanah (al maw naw), that literally means "a desolate place."  We will learn how the word itself can give us insight into this season of widowhood apart from the development of spiritual maturity through suffering. We will examine several examples from the life of Christ and Elijah as we begin to unravel the greater plan that God may have for us in this season of a widow, set apart by God. 


Chapter Eleven Ė Conclusion 


Embracing the Desolate Place


     In the Hebrew text, the word for widow is almanah (al-maw-naw) and according to Strongís Concordance it means a desolate place: ó desolate house. 1 It is interesting that God uses these terms to describe the season of widowhood we have entered into.  The very word desolate conjures up pictures of wastelands devoid of life or places of sorrow and abandonment without hope.  And if we are honest, donít we sometimes feel like this describes us?  What is interesting is that in contrast to our desire to escape this desolate place of widowhood Scripture shows us that Christ seems to welcome the desolate places of His experience.  In fact, He seems to emerge from them with renewed power, direction, and strength.  I think itís worth a closer look.